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Manager CSI

Respected parents and dear students,

                                               Christian Muller Women’s College is established by the Church of South India (CSI) in 2013. It was the Basal Evangelical Mission (BEM), Which Initiated to spread basic education to the socially and economically backward groups inhabited in the coast of Malabar. The downtrodden and marginalized people were brought to the mainstream of society through English education by the missionaries. Chombala, near Vatakara, was one of the earliest settlement of Basal Mission and there they set up a school and an orphanage. As a continuum of the tradition and past, they established another higher education centre in the panoramic landscape of Chombala in 2013.This Degree College even though started as mixed, was converted as a women’s college with the permission of the University. The college was converted with particular aim of empowering women, as we believe it as the need of the hour.

         Today as you know women are the most vulnerable group in our country. Kerala is not an exception. Despite the social progress we achieved through the ages, the women are largely being exploited and it is the most important social issue we must address. To escape from this the only way is to make ‘her’ to stand on her own legs and to protect herself. She should be elevated educationally, economically and physically. Therefore personalized attention is required. In a women’s college leadership will be in ‘her own hand’. Everything should be done by girls themselves. That will make her more active and make herself self reliant. It will be more easy to look in to the health of girls in the growing stage and also to provide more attention in their psychological growth. Our aim is also develop a mind to help the needy in the society. In the technical side this will provide more opportunity for girls to get admission, there for girls in the border line marks will also get a chance. Last year 116 girls were enrolled.

           I wish all the students a happy campus life. Surely the students in this campus will enhance their employability skill and it will lead them to attain qualities which are required for a good citizen.

                                                                           Wish you all the best

Thanking you


The Rev. Jacob Daniel

Manager, CSI Christian Muller Women’s College, Chombala.

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