Christian Muller Women’s College (CMWC) established by the North Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India (CSI) is a response to a longstanding need of the people of Chombala and Vatakara area for higher education. It was the Basal Evangelical Missionary Society, or Basal Mission which started working at the Malabar Coast, that brought basic education and opened its doors of learning to the backward classes and communities in Malabar. The North Kerala Diocese of the CSI who are successors of the churches established by the Basal Mission, considers it as a privilege and opportunity to carry forward the mission first conceived by the Basal Missionaries.


The Church of South India has membership of over a million spread all over the South India, comprising of the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and also in our neighboring Country, Sri Lanka. For the administrative convenience, there are 22 Dioceses and each diocese is governed by a Bishop. Moderator Bishop and the Synod at the top control and coordinate the working of all the Dioceses. Altogether, the CSI is running around 1000 Higher Secondary Schools and hundreds of Colleges and other Professional Institutions throughout these States. Among these, Madras Christian College, Chennai, American College, Madurai, Malabar Christian College at Calicut, CMS College, Kottayam, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikkara are well known to Keralites. All these Institutions seek inspiration from the zeal and commitment of the missionaries who established these.


From the middle of the 19th Century Chombala was a settlement of the Basal Mission. Here, the Basal Mission ran a School and an Orphanage exclusively for Girls. Mr. Christian Mueller was a pioneer missionary who spent a decade of his life’s work at Chombala. The CSI Church at Chombala as well as the College is being named after Mr. Mueller (the name has been spelt as Muller).


CMWC will be a self financing Institution and will aim at imparting high quality education in Arts and Science and will now offer graduate level programmes in subjects have a ready demand in market. The Christian moral and ethical values that guided our founding fathers will continue to guide us. As expressed in the Bible, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.


The College will have distinguished Teachers in its faculty. Our principal is Dr.Sasikumar.who had completed 30 years of teaching service in the Department of Collegiate Education. Our academic co-ordinator is Prof. Dr. Asokan K.K former Principal of Government Arts & Science College Madappally.Prof. Gladys P.E Isaac who has just retired as Principal from Malabar Christian College, Calicut will also be assisting the College.


“Asato ma Satgamaya,Thamaso ma Jyotirgamaya”

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